You are…

By on November 26, 2015

When you show up, you make us smile. When we don’t see you for awhile, we miss you. We know things about you; like where you are ticklish, which ankle you had surgery on when you were a teen and how much you adore certain poses. We try to view you through the lens of compassion always, to see you as who you are: whole and complete.

We want you to be strong and resilient, to know the joy of the present moment. We hope that you sometimes think of your time with us, and breathe a little deeper, even in moments when patience is low or hope is obsolete.

We understand that all good relationships are built on a foundation of trust and respect and we strive to hold up our end. Mostly we want you to know that we are grateful. Grateful for you and your practice. We thank you for your smiles and your struggles and for sharing them with us. Thank you, you are… appreciated.

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