Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Love Yin? Who doesn’t? This style of yoga is gaining in popularity and Yin-lovers are amazingly loyal to and religious about their Yin practice. One of the things that makes Yin Yoga so special is that nearly every body can do it. From the hard core power yogi to the elderly that can still get up and down from the floor Yin has something to offer everyone.

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Why is Yin … Yin?

With the the huge demand for Yin many teachers simply get slotted into a class that they are little prepared for. Yin is so much more than the same old poses just held for a long time. To teach it well one has to know the philosophical theory that was it’s genesis and the anatomical and physiological protocol that makes it such a healing practice. So often we teachers regurgitate the rhetoric of our teachers but Yin is more than theory. Learn the science behind the “Yin tissues”. Discover the true and false of traditional strategies to make your teaching even stronger.

Our Focus

This weekend training is primarily for yoga teachers, RYTs and teacher trainees. Students who have an avid interest in building a home Yin practice may also find this training worthwhile. These weekend trainings are invaluable since all skills will transfer effortlessly into your teaching of other formats as well.

Two Yin Teacher Training Modules will be offered


In Yintensive Module I you will learn why Yin is what it is and how to both adhere to the basic rules and make them your own to keep your students safe and make their Yin practice productive. We’ll begin with the Yin Postures both the traditional and the more nuanced, such as Yin style postures for the shoulders. An overview of energetic theory will segue into our centerpiece discussion: How postures work, really work, like scientifically, in the body. An overview of all popular theories regarding flexibility will be presented. You will learn best sequencing practices and the science of the counter pose. The weekend will finish with a discussion about relationships. Considering business practices as well as psychology tidbits, we’ll learn how these relatiopnships contribute to a productive practice environment for all students.

Module I Logistics

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

This training will include 3 practices which are also open to the public, lecture, discussion, group exercises and more. The action packed weekend begins Friday evening at 5:30 pm. Each day begins with a Yin class led by SMY Director of Teacher Training, Yin Purist and Yintensive trainer Mandy Ryle. Cost for the weekend is just $225.
Our schedule is:
Friday 5:30-9 pm
Saturday 10:30 am-5 pm (1 hour for lunch)
Sunday 11:30 am to 4 pm (half hour break)

The Art of Yin

3 Classes during the training will be open to the public and on our drop in schedule.

The Art of Yin – Introduction to Yin
Friday, November 13 5:30-9 pm
The first public class in our weekend Yintensive. This is an intro to Yin for Yinthusiasts of any experience level. Go deep to experience the true benefits of what Yin has to offer you body and mind. Expect long holds in familiar poses but with a new spin. Space is limited.

The Art of Yin – Shoulders/Incorporating Yang tissues
Saturday, November 14 10:30-11:30 am
The second public class in our weekend Yintensive. The shoulders are an especially fraught area for most any human with a head. In this special class we will apply Yin theories to tissues that are associated with the Yang element. We’ll go deep without compromising the vulnerable area of the shoulders and neck. We’ll learn how to target the areas we really want to work on. Space is limited.

The Art of Yin – Power of Props/Restorative Hybrid
Sunday, November 15 11:30 am-12:45 pm
The final public class in our weekend Yintensive. Restorative Yoga and Yin Yoga are NOT the same thing. True Yin nerds understand that they are, in fact, vastly different. But if we can add the power of the prop to our Yin practice using restorative techniques we can find something very special indeed. Learn just how amazing a practice with well placed props can be. Space is limited.

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Yintensive Module II will begin with introspection and group work to develop intention. We’ll delve a little deeper into relationships before moving on to strong theming technique. You’ll learn the art of assisting in a Yin class and how to assemble bulletproof propping situations for students of all shapes and sizes and therapeutic concerns. So many teachers struggle with the fine nuance of holding space; when to talk and when not to talk, how to theme in a delicate and meaningful way. In fact, this one thing may be your biggest hurdle to teaching fully addictive Yin classes. Never fear this issue will be dealt with in our Yintensive Module II.

Module II Logistics

This is a one day training. There will be no group yoga practice as the plan is to really get down to business!
Our schedule is:
Saturday, January 9, 2016
10:30 am to 5:30 pm (1 hour for lunch)
Led by SMY Director of Teacher Training, Yin Purist and Yintensive trainer Mandy Ryle. All SMY Teacher Training’s include multiple modalities for better learning and retention. We’ll explore the content through lecture, discussion, group work, games, visual and aural aids. Cost for the day training is $90. Students who have already taken Module I or are an alumni of a previous Yintensive may take the training for $40.

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