Teacher Training Experience

Our Graduation Puja "alter" for the 2012/2013 class

Our Graduation Puja “alter” for the 2012/2013 class


At Sound Method Yoga we’ve experienced first hand the transformation that Yoga Teacher Training can bring about.  The process of beginning to see oneself as a teacher requires a different approach for each student.  Through the study of Dharma, Svadhyaya and compassion, all basic tenants in yoga philosophy, we begin to understand where and how we may contribute.  Read on to discover what others have said about their own Teacher Training Journey at Sound Method.

The teacher training experience has been both challenging and rewarding. While dedicating every other weekend to training is a big time commitment, I can honestly say it’s been well worth it. I entered the training program not with any intent to teach, but rather in a quest to learn all I could about yoga. The program’s curriculum artfully balances yoga history, philosophy and theory with the practical aspects of teaching yoga. Mandy and Annie’s depth of knowledge and accessible teaching style inculcate a quiet confidence in their trainees who slowly believe that they too can be a great yoga teacher. Through their steady support and encouragement, each trainee is reminded that we each have something unique to offer the community as teachers in our own right.

Teacher training experience

Thai Massage inspired assists with guest instructor Brent Bloom

Their warm and welcoming nature creates an environment which fosters not only individual growth but also a sense of camaraderie among the trainees. I have come to regard my teachers and fellow trainees not only as friends but as a part of my yoga family. I am eternally grateful to Mandy and Annie for their guidance and to my fellow trainees for sharing this incredible journey with me. Ally

Teacher Training Annie and Lindsey

Experimenting with more and more effective hands on assists.

Sound Method Teacher Training is everything I expected, and more. It’s clear Mandy and Annie love what they do.  Their yoga knowledge and skill seems endless, and that knowledge is passed on to the students in an approachable and comfortable style.  SMY teacher training encompasses the name of the studio: Sound Method.  They are showing us the whats, the whys, and the hows of a safe and enjoyable yoga practice. I HIGHLY recommend SMY teacher training to anyone wanting to instruct, or merely wanting to expand their own personal practice.  You won’t regret it!  Jen

Sound Method Yoga YTT Class of 2013

YTT Class of 2013

I started Yoga Teacher Training in order to deepen my personal practice. The training has awakened a passion in me to help others refine their time on the mat. Practicing yoga brings my mind to a feeling of peace and wholeness. I have learned that teaching and assisting others brings about that same beautiful feeling.  I felt a deep connection to both Mandy and Annie from the very beginning. It was wonderful being able to learn from teachers with two very different styles. They are incredibly supportive and encouraged us to find our own voices.  I am so happy to be a part of the Sound Method community. Arielle

The time I have spent at SMY has been inspirational. The teacher training has been a great way to learn more in depth knowledge of Yoga philosophy. Great place to learn and have fun too! Cory

Virabhadrasana II alignment

Virabhadrasana II alignment

My experience at SMY teacher training has been life changing. Mandy and Annie are wonderful and very dedicated  yoga practitioners. It is obvious to us in teacher training they are both knowledgeable, caring and dedicated to their yoga practice. Their willingness to share and cultivate yoga with those of like minds who love and appreciate yoga is awesome. Mandy and Annie both have a very caring attitude and their dedication to yoga and students of yoga truly shines through. I would recommend teacher training to others who are looking to further their interest in yoga and yoga practice.  Kathleen

SMY Teacher Training Experience

Team assisting for Setu Bandhasana

The practice of yoga has played a role in my life for several years but has primarily centered around asanas (poses). As I near the completion of my training program, I realize how much yoga has integrated into my everyday life not only with the practice of asanas but in theory as well. For example, the Vedantic philosophy of Kleshas (mental states that cloud the mind) reminds me of the clutter that encompass my thoughts day after day; clearing that clutter is proving to be quite difficult and I’m reminded with the foundation of yoga through teacher training to live in the moment and experience the now. “Learning to let go should be learned before learning to get. Life should be touched, not strangled. You’ve got to relax, let it happen at times, and at others move forward with it.”: Ray Bradbury Jodi

SMY Teacher Training Experience

What are the fixed points in Upavista Konasana? Not always what you think!

Sound Method’s Teacher Training has made such a difference in how I view my practice. I am so motivated to learn more about my poses, and how to use them in different and exciting ways. I’ve become much more aware of my body and how it moves. It’s great to know which muscles are being used in each pose and to have that knowledge available to help others. Annie and Mandy are so inspiring and have shown just how deep and purposeful a practice can be. Amanda

2012/2013 Graduation Puja

2012/2013 Graduation Puja

I’m typically a pretty selfish person by nature. So it shouldn’t be surprising that I decided to complete teacher training for completely selfish reasons. I wasn’t sure I even wanted to teach a class-ever. I wanted to learn more, to make myself stronger, become more flexible and ultimately look better. What I have experienced during teacher training is so much more. What started as selfishness has turned into an interest and compassion for others. I learned that everyone’s pose is different because every body is different. This had never occurred to me before (probably due to my own selfishness) and I am fascinated by it. It has really helped me be more compassionate for others who have to struggle; I realized there is much more going on than what we can see on the surface. This has extended into other areas of my life, I’ve begun to think about what others are experiencing when I am becoming frustrated when explaining a concept, or I am becoming impatient with someone at work. Who knew my selfish decision would result in the opposite!? Jennifer

In a few words, the reason I love teacher training at SMY is that compassion for students and safety are the number one priorities. Yoga is to help, heal, and nourish…something that is so emphasized at our studio and I love it.  Lindsey

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