LandLocked SCUBA Club Yoga Saturdays

with Matthew Ryle

SCUBA Diving and Yoga Classes are more similar than one might think.

Where a Yoga practice can help to reinforce and compliment your Diving practice is where we will take this series of classes. We will touch on the following points throughout a 4 week session in addition to many more that will sink in on their own:

  • Learn to breathe mindfully to use gasses most efficiently reducing your air consumption, delivering oxygen to your muscles while you are diving as well as on dry land.
  • Allow the mind to quiet and experience what is happening in the moment instead of worrying about what is going to happen next. React calmly to what is happening now and enjoying yourself the whole time.
  • Using the breath to move you instead of allowing your experience to control your breath improves graceful movement both above and below the water. The ability to move gracefully and efficiently under pressure keeps you and your dive buddies safer, promotes better decision making, and reduces your air consumption.
  • Build strength and flexibility through a low to no impact workout improving air consumption, reducing the possibility of cramps and soreness, allowing faster recovery, and an easier time carrying all that gear!

Not only will these classes draw a correlation between diving and yoga but, they will also serve as an introduction to yoga, a refresher for practitioners that have not been to class in a while, or for the practicing yogi that would like to hang with their peers for a few Saturdays doing some yoga.

We have mats at the studio for rent ($2) and the highest quality mats for sale. All other props will be provided. Alternatives and accommodations can be made for any “body” or injury.

The cost for the full 4-week session is $35 or each class can be taken for our standard drop-in rate of $14. This class is only open to the Landlocked SCUBA Club and their families.


Sign up for this Workshop here and please check out our other Workshops, Classes, Retreats and pricing at as well as all of the great opportunities waiting for you at


Please create an account online before coming to class in order to save time at the front desk. If you are uncomfortable filling out forms online please arrive 20 minutes early so that we can process registration and waivers at the studio.

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