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Kundalini Yoga Returns!

By on January 7, 2015

Sound Method Yoga Kundalini Yoga

Annie Brugenhemke

Great news! The Kundalini drought in Omaha has ended! We know you’ve been missing this practice and we are so thrilled to offer it again starting Thursday, January 8 at 12 pm. This noon class is just 45 minutes so you can do it over your lunch break. The best part of all, the much sought after Annie B is teaching. Annie is one of Omaha’s most experienced yoga teachers and certainly Omaha’s most experienced Kundalini teacher. She truly is the best.

So what is Kundalini?

 This practice is both energizing and centering. It’s nearly impossible to leave a class without feeling a little boost.

Kundalini yogis don’t consider their style to be a Hatha style; meaning, it’s quite different from the other classes you take at SMY. Yes there is still an emphasis on the breath, in fact even more than a Vinyasa class. Many of the movements will look familiar but many will be a total departure for you if you are new to Kundalini. Instead of static poses you will perform “poses” with some form of repetition and most likely a breath protocol as well. This practice is both energizing and centering. It’s nearly impossible to leave a class without feeling a little boost.

Why is it so different?

Sound Method Yoga Kundalini YogaAll Hatha yoga comes from the Tantric traditions of ancient India. The primary aspect that is shared between these traditions though, is the energetic philosophy. You could say that perhaps Kundalini represents the most authentic representation of Tantrisim in that all of the practices are designed to move the energy from the root to the crown of the body, or in Tantric terminology, to activate the Kundalini Shakti to travel up the spine or central channel to the “thousand petaled lotus” or the crown chakra. When this happens the practitioner experiences a “kundalini awakening” or a merging with the divine. While it seems unlikely that you will experience a spiritual awakening in class, the practice will absolutely energize you for the rest of your day.

In the 1960s Yogi Bhajan introduced Kundalini to the United States and founded the organization 3HO, which is now worldwide with over 300 centers. In addition to the influence of Tantric and Classical yoga there is a strong component of Yogi Bhajan’s adherence to Sikhism as well. It’s a fascinating practice with an absolutely wonderful teacher. Come check it out on Thursdays at noon with Annie.

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