Curvy Yoga

Often people who don’t fit into the “yoga body” stereotype feel as if yoga just isn’t for them.  Yoga has so many benefits for it’s practitioners regardless of size, age, ethnicity, gender etc.  Sound Method is so proud to offer Intro to Curvy Yoga taught by the region’s only Curvy Certified Yoga Instructor, Jen Weaver.  Curvy Yoga is yoga for rounder bodies.  It’s for those who are in good health and ready to add yoga to their lives, but who may have felt insecure in the past walking into a yoga studio. Curvy Yoga is not about weight loss; it’s about acceptance. It’s about adaptability;  not rigidity.   Jen’s light-hearted, adaptive style will help you fall in love with yoga, and she’ll teach you how to craft a yoga practice that is intelligent, meaningful and unique to you and your own needs. Something non-traditional students can’t always get in a regular yoga class.

By request! A spring Intro to Curvy Yoga May 1-May 22

XL Yoga at Sound Method Yoga Intro to Curvy Yoga Intensive A 4 week workshop/intensive that meets once per week on Sundays 11:30-12:45 pm.  The cost is $60 for all 4 weeks. Yogis will explore Universal yoga basics and also how to make a practice unique for one’s own shape using props and cool tips that are practical and convenient. This is an in-depth experience designed to send you into yoga classes confident and prepared to make your practice work for you, whether they are Curvy Friendly or not. The best part of this Intensive is the awesome yogi community that develops over the session. Our next session begins May 1 of 2016. The series runs continuously for 4 weeks.

Students will build strength, flexibility, improve balance and learn to adapt yoga poses for their own bodies in an environment that is fun and inclusive.  Students will also learn pranayama (yogic breathing exercises) and meditation techniques for stress relief and overall wellness.

Yoga is not one size fits all, it’s not a fashion show, or a place to perform yoga party tricks.  Yoga is about balance and wholeness or rather the recognition of our innate wholeness.  Come discover how the right class, with the right teacher can make yoga an indispensable part of your life.  If you have injuries or conditions you would like to discuss before registering please email Frank at or call 402-991-POSE(7673). Check out a blog post by our Jen Weaver on The Sizes that Matter the Most.

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Curvy Yoga Choices

Sound Method is Body Positive 

You’ll see yogis of all shapes and sizes in our classes. We know that it can be scary walking in to a new yoga class for the first time so we want you to feel prepared and comfortable. Let us show you how yoga can be a part of your life:

  • Our beginners classes are adaptive and inclusive. You’ll see all types of bodies in them. We’re proud to have a community that is welcoming and open. Have a look at our class schedule.
  • One day Intro Workshops are offered when we have a group of 5 or more students  (email to put your name on the list).
  • Omaha’s only Curvy certified instructor, Jen Weaver is available for private and semi private sessions if you’d like a customized session.

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