Yoga at Work

Why Corporate Yoga at Work?

Corporate Yoga at workFrom the board room to bank vaults, we’ve taught yoga in some wild places.  Yoga instructors are uniquely able to adapt classes to all sorts of companies, cultures and locations. Yoga is inexpensive and fast to implement and has benefits that go well beyond the average corporate wellness program. Consistent practice of yoga has been proven to reduce stress and improve overall health. People who practice yoga are more mindful eaters, have lower blood pressure and learn to correct postural and structural issues before they become chronic problems. Currently Sound Method offers yoga to multiple Omaha corporations.  We’ve noticed that the students in our classes are the most vibrant, healthiest, happiest employees in the building. Best of all, for each $1 your company spends on wellness it can SAVE $5.50 in health care costs. To chat about fitness at your workplace call 402-991-763 or email

How can corporate yoga work for your workplace?

  • Sound Method is happy to arrange special discounts for your employees to distribute via company email and company intranet. Additionally, workplaces without space for on-site fitness can win big points by subsidising part of employee memberships to Sound Method.
  • Sound Method can send an instructor to the workplace. It works best when students practice at least once, preferably two to three times a week. A 45 minute class over the lunch hour can be absolute bliss for your health conscious employees and send them back to work energized and focused. A gym or fitness facility is not needed. Employees can practice in a board room or cafeteria.  The only requirement is that there is open space available and that it is quiet. Employees can pay their own way or the company can subsidize all or part of the classes.  We can take care of all the billing and even set up a convenient auto pay schedule.
  • Why not have it all?  Sound Method is the only yoga studio in town that combines it’s on-site corporate fitness offerings with studio classes as well.  Employees can enjoy classes at work and classes at Sound Method’s convenient location all for one reasonable fee billed monthly to the employee’s credit card.
  • Yoga is a popular retreat and team building activity. Classes can be tailored to the needs of your employees. “Yoga for Healthy Wrists” and “Yoga for Better Backs” are classes that shed light on common and chronic desk injuries. “Meditation” and “Relaxation” workshops help workers balance the stresses of work, home and family.

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Sound Method Yoga at Work Sound Method Yoga at Work

On days that I do not want to attend my job, when the job is overwhelming with deadlines or I must participate in a difficult meeting or conversation (to name a few work…and life…obstacles), I put one foot in front of the other and get to the office, arrive early or stay late to meet the deadline and lean in with compassion to the discussion because I will be able to do yoga during my lunch break. Yoga at lunch allows me to press “reset” on the the morning’s activities and better enables me to accept the afternoon’s knowns and unknowns as they arrive.

The SMY instructors not only provide helpful ways to move during our sessions, they bring students/ employees into the present moment by teaching breathing techniques that are applicable in stressful professional settings, introducing postures that can be used in an office chair and they hold a space for colleagues to connect on different levels than work and eventually these relationships spill over as better cooperation on professional projects with each other and non-yogi colleagues.

~ Emily Jaeger

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