summer yoga challenge 2016

2016 Summer Yoga Challenge

By on May 4, 2016

2016 Summer Yoga Challenge

June 10-August 12, 2016

Yogis, the SMY 2016 Summer Yoga Challenge is back! Our Yoga Challenges as you know are epic fun, but also you know… a little challenging. This year we will be working in teams, yes TEAMS. Challengee’s will assemble teams of two, but we’ll have mini team challenges along the way for the opportunity to add a “ringer” to your team for a week.


Teams are competing for the most classes. But each team that gets 20 or more classes total gets a coveted SMY Summer Yoga Challenge t shirt! The team with the most classes wins the grand prize. Grand prize details are still evolving but it’s gonna be awesome. All classes from our drop in schedule and workshops schedule count toward your total, as well as any private sessions you take at SMY.

Assembling Teams

Let the strategy begin! Yoga Challenge teams will be made up of two students. Your team member can be a current SMY student or new student, a friend or family member, etc… but choose well! The more dedicated both of you are, the better your odds of winning the challenge. For students who need help finding a team member, speak to Frank, he’ll be assembling a list of students wanting to be paired. Got someone in mind? Someone you see at the studio often, whom you know will be an awesome team mate? Ask them, hurry!

Adding “Ringers” to your team

Each week we’ll be offering challenges for all challengee’s. Each team that completes the mini challenge will have the opportunity to add a “ringer” to their team for a designated week. Who are the “ringers”? Our staff! If you get to add a “ringer” to your team, all of the classes they take that week at SMY will be added to your team’s total. “Ringers” will be chosen at random for each mini challenge.


All team numbers will be updated weekly and displayed on a large whiteboard in the blue room.

How to join the fun

Cost for the challenge is $30 per student. Classes are not included in the challenge fee. Sign up here. Make sure your team member signs up as well. If you don’t have a partner be sure to email Frank or catch him after class so he can add you to the list of students wanting to be paired up.

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